Does Your Website
Deliver New Clients
Every week?

Imagine your website designed to attract visitors, capture their
details and convert them into paying clients

A Sales Driven Website Will Help You...

Grow Your Business

Your website should be your #1 sales person. It should be the hub of all your online marketing and lead visitors along your sales process from cold prospect to new customer.

Make Online Marketing Work

Most businesses are disappointed with their results from their online marketing efforts. A Sales Driven Website enables businesses to have a wholistic view of digital marketing and realise the potential  it holds.

Get More Leads

Facebook Ads is the cheapest, fastest and delivers the highest quality  of leads for businesses today. We will setup your website so it is ready to capture and convert leads from Facebook Ads.

How We Build A
Sales Driven Website...

You don’t need a website, you need a Sales Driven Website that attracts your perfect prospects and converts them into dream clients. Unfortunately most web designers don’t know how to build a money making website for small business owners. Based on our experience building websites over the last 12 years, we have developed a framework to build a Sales Driven website. Below are the steps we take our clients through



Build A Sales Funnel

Step 1 is to build a sales funnel into your website. A Sales funnel is a series, automated emails and conversion events that take a visitor to your website and turn them into a high paying client.

Capture - Lead Magnet

We capture your website visitors contact details by offering them  a lead magnet. A lead magnet is an irrisistable offer they are happy to exchange their contact details for.

Nurture - Marketing Automation

Once you have their contact details you can send them a series of pre written emails to move them from a cold prospect to a hot prospect ready to buy.

Convert - Conversion Event

Once they are ready to buy we offer them a  phone call, strategy session or a call to purchase your product. In these meetings you will convert them into a client.



Conversion Focused Content

Each page on your website must draw the visitor in and move them towards becoming a client. 

3P Formula

Every page on your website must speak to 1 Prospect with 1 Pain Point and show them 1 Promise to solve their pain point. This formula will ensure you win clients.

Hot, Cold, Warm Offers

Every visitor to your website is at a different stage in the buying cycle. They are either Hot, Cold or Warm. Every page should have an offer which if specifically for each stage they are in

Conversion Optimized Design

Beautiful design is just one part of the conversion equation. To convert prospects into clients your website must be designed for conversions and follow a strict formula.




Now that you have a sale funnel built into your website to convert clients, you need to focus on getting as many people into that funnel as possible. There are a few ways to fill  your funnel that works for small business.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic using Facebook Ads is the #1 way to get targeted high qualify traffic to your website at an affordable cost, within 24 hours. Google Adwords is the next best way, but costs more.


Once a new visitor to your website leaves without becoming a client or giving their contact details, they will likely never return. Retargeting allows you to affordable get them back.


You website must be optimized for SEO so it can be easily found in Google. All our website are optimised when they are launched to ensure our clients are found.

Why your website must be
built by a MARKETER, not a DESIGNER

Dear Business Owner,

I know you work hard to grow your business.  You constantly think about where the next lead or client is going to come from and you are working to grow your revenue.

Did you know that your website is probably losing you $10,000s of dollars per year?

Why? Because it should be your #1 salesperson. But if you are like most businesses, your website delivers few leads and even fewer clients every month.

Online marketing is booking and should be your #1 lead generation strategy, but your website was probably built by a web designer so it doesn’t deliver new clients regularly.

Web designers are great at making websites look great, but to grow your business you need a whole lot more than a pretty site.

You need a website that attracts new visitors every day, turns them into leads and then converts them into high paying clients. This kind of website does not get created by accident. It takes a team of highly skilled marketers to deliver such a site.

At Sales Driven Sites, we are those marketers that love building Sales Driven Sites.

Book in a Strategy Call with us now and let us show you how we can convert your website into a Sales Driven website.

Each Website We Craft Includes...

WordPress Website

Your website is built our WordPress platform optimized for Conversions

A Sales Funnel Built In

Every website has a built in Sales Funnel that converts visitors into clients

Lead Magnet

Every website should have a free offer to capture the contact details of visitors

Retargeting Ready

Retarget website visitors on Facebook and the Google Display Network

SEO Optimized

Your website is submitted to all the search engines and configured to be found

Conversion Optimized Design

We customize our design templates to create a site that looks amazing and converts visitors into clients.

Backed Up, Secure, Fast

No need to stay awake at night worrying about hackers. We ensure your site is always ready to convert

Lifetime Support

We will support you to ensure your site is running smoothly.

Free Facebook Ads Course

You receive access to our Facebook Roadmap 8 week coaching program valued at $1,497 for FREE.

Marketers, NOT Designers
Create Money Making Websites

Marketing Tip #1

"Get a marketer to build your website, not a designer"

Web designers care about pixels and marketers fixate on profits. Most websites don’t generate because the person who built them was focused on pretty instead of conversions.

Here's How It Works...


Strategy Session

Book your strategy call and meet with you online marketing specialist. Then purchase your Sales Driven website.


Supply Content

Meet with your dedicated online marketing strategist to create design your website funnel and content. Fill in all worksheets and send back to Sales Driven Sites.


Go Live

Sales Driven Sites will put together your new website and sales funnel. Once you approve it we will go live within  15 days.

Finally, website designers who will build you a website that will grow your business

A WordPress Website designed to attract visitors, capture their
details and convert them into paying clients

Book Your Free Strategy Session

Book in a 30 minute call with a marketing consultant
to build a strategy for your website and online marketing


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