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The 3P Formula​

Get this wrong and your website will fail as a Lead Generation Engine​



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What is The 3P Formula?

Every page on your website must focus on three things: The Prospect, The Problem and The Promise.

Your business exists to solve problems for customers. If they don’t have a problem, then you have no use in their life.

Most websites spend more time talking about the business and how it’s services are the best. However, the prospect doesn’t care about your business. The prospect cares about how your business can solve its problems.

Every page on your website must call out your Perfect Prospect. Then it must describe their #1 problem better then they can. Finally, it must show how your business can solve that Problem. We call this the Promise.

Why is The 3P Formula so Important?

The 3P Formula is so crucial because if you use this technique on every page of your website, your visitors will assume that you have the solution to their problem.

There is a great quote that summarises this perfectly. It’s by Wyatt Woodsmall and he says:

If you can articulate someones problem better than they can, they will automatically and unconsciously credit you with having the solution.

Every page on your website must describe the Problem of your Prospect better than they can. If each page can do this then your visitors will be compelled to signup, book an appointment or buy your product or service.

Start building your website with the 3P formula and use this information for your Offers, Conversion Copy, Lead Magnets, Automated Follow Up Sequences and Retargeting.

With such an integrated message across your website your website will become a lean mean sales machine.


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