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What is Automated Follow Up?

When a visitor submits their contact details on your website they should be contacted with a series of pre-written emails over the next few weeks?

These emails can be targeted at prospects depending on how they have engaged with your business. Prospects who have signed up for an ebook can be sent a very different series of emails to those who have asked for a quote.

Why use Automated Follow Up?

These prospects are hot prospects as they have either downloaded a Lead Magnet or submitted their details for a sales person to call them. Every one of these prospects should be sent a series of emails to either engage them or try to convert them from a prospect into a client.

How to send Automated Emails

Today, there are many services available to businesses to send these automated emails. We have worked and many of them and recommend the following three.

ActiveCampaign or Agile CRM (Our Recommendation)

ActiveCampaign and Agile CRM are our choice. They are in the middle of the other two options in terms of pricing and features. We find that they have all the features the average small business will ever need. They do not have the bells and whistles of Infusionsoft, but the features are more than enough and the price is great when starting out.
ActiveCampaign and Agile CRM have the following features that we find valuable for a Sales Driven Site:
  1. Marketing Automation
  2. Email Marketing
  3. SMS Marketing
  4. Sales Pipeline Management
  5. A great CRM
  6. Integration with Facebook Audiences
  7. Integration with all the major marketing apps through Zapier 

ActiveCampaign and Agile CRM are also very easy to use.


Infusionsoft is one of the best full featured platforms on the marketing today. It includes every feature you will need and A LOT MORE.
The problem with Infusionsoft is the cost and complexity to use. It is more expensive than the other two platforms to use and many complain that it can be hard to learn and confusing to work with on a regular basis.

The pros of Infusionsoft is it is an all in one solution and does its job very well.

This will be our second pick.


The Mailchimp feature set is very limited when compared to the other two. It’s marketing automation is primitive, it doesn’t really have a CRM and you can’t manage your sales pipeline in Mailchimp.
On the plus side it does integrate with Facebook Audiences and is one of the best Email Marketing platforms on the market today. It is also free if you have less than 2000 contacts.

The price is one of the biggest reasons we recommend Mailchimp. It is great for small businesses without a big budget. But once you see the benefits of a Sales Driven Site for your business you need to move to either ActiveCampaign/Agile CRM or Infusionsoft.


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