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What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is something free you can offer to your website visitors in exchange for their contact details. It needs to be an irresistible offer which handing over their contact details in exchange for is a no-brainer.

Types of Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets can come in many forms. The main types are:

  1. eBooks
  2. Video Series
  3. Webinars
  4. Whitepapers
  5. Discount Offers
  6. Infographics

Why use a Lead Magnet?

97% of the visitors to your website will leave and never return. A Lead Magnet will capture the details of those visitors who are ready to buy or call you, but are willing to learn more without a phone call.

There are 3 types of visitors to your website:

Cold Visitors

Cold visitors have just landed on your website and do not currently know or trust you. They are not going to call you or submit their contact details for a quote or a call. But they will submit to get more information which doesn’t involve speaking to a sales person.

Warm Visitors

Warm visitors have interacted with your visitors before. They may have clicked on an advertisement, liked your page or been to your website before. They know you, but they are not ready to call you. A Lead Magnet works well for Warm visitors as they are interested, but not ready to speak to a sales person.

Hot Visitors

Hot Visitors know, like and trust your company and are ready to make a buying decision and talk to a sales person. These types of visitors may have already downloaded a Lead Magnet in the past.


Lead Magnets work well with Cold and Warm visitors. Lead magnets have two purposes.

The first and main purpose is to Capture the contact details of your website visitors. The secondary purpose is to build trust and authority in the eyes of your prospects.


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