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What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is when a visitor leaves your website and is then automatically targeted with your adverts to bring them back. The visitor see’s your adverts when they go on Facebook, YouTube and millions of other websites in the Google Display Network.

To start retargeting you need to install some simple code on every page of your website. Once a visitor lands on your website this code fires a message back to Facebook and Google and records that persons visit. Then when they go to a website in the network, they are shown your ads.

You can show ads to visitors who land on a specific page on your website for any period of time you nominate.

Why use Retargeting?

Anyone who lands on your website is a hot prospect, but most will leave without calling you or submitting their details. Retargeting allows your business to continue to show ads to your website visitors even when they leave your website.

It puts the power to advance the relationship in your hands.

Your visitor will see your business on Facebook, Youtube and millions of other sites within hours of landing on your website. This will build your brand and get their trust.

You can also promote lead magnets to get these visitors back to your website to submit their details so your sales people can follow up. 

Why you must start Retargeting today!

The cost of retargeting is not expensive, but the power of retargeting is phenomenal.

If you aren’t doing retargeting on your website, then you must start today. Remember, 97% of your website visitors will never return to your website. For a few dollars a day you can start to get these hot prospects back to your website.

If you aren’t doing this, I can assure you your competitors are and are leaving you in the dust.



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