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What is WordPress?

WordPress is the #1 website platform to build a website. Over 30% of the internet runs on WordPress.

There are many other competitors out there to WordPress but none have the market share, the ease of use and the power of WordPress.

If you are a small business then don’t look at the competitors like Square Space, Wix and Weebly.

Why is WordPress the Best Platform for a
Sales Driven Site?

WordPress is the best platform for the following reasons:

Marketing Functionality

WordPress has plugins which can be used to add functionality to a WordPress website. Many of these plugins are free or cost around $30 – $100.
But the functionality they add to a website is huge. 
Virtually any marketing feature you need for a website can be found as a WordPress plugin.
Often to build a similar set of functionality would cost $1000s to create and even more to maintain.
This is the #1 reason we have chosen WordPress as the go to website platform for Sales Driven Sites.

Design Templates

Web design has become a commodity and WordPress has a huge part to play in this. Instead of spending $1000s getting a website designer to design your website, WordPress offers themes which cost Between $30 – $100. These WordPress themes allow you to install a full website design in a matter of minutes.
Although these designs don’t always follow the Conversion Optimized Design principles they do help to get smaller businesses up and running fast.

Ease of Use

WordPress is very easy to use for end users. If you are a marketer, small business owner or a member of staff, WordPress can be mastered within a few hours.
It takes the tech stress out of managing a website and allows business people turn their website into a Sales Driven Site.


If you have to leave your existing web developer, then there are millions of other companies that can help you manage your WordPress site. Because WordPress runs 30% of the internet getting a support from a new company is pretty simple, easy and cost effective.
You don’t want to be locked into a website platform that only a few people know how to use because support will get very expensive.



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